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Career & Technology Education (CTE)

Career & Technology Education (CTE)


Career and Technology Education (CTE) classes help students connect academic learning to the real world. CTE focuses on exploring career opportunities in the 16 career clusters. We prepare students for careers and college by helping them develop an understanding of job opportunities, technical training and educational resources.

The goal of CTE is to help students think about their futures as early as possible. Our students learn the importance of communication, time management and teamwork, and acquire skills necessary for success in all career fields. CTE uses project-based learning to help all students achieve their educational goals.

Fields Investigated in CTE Classes

  • Career planning
  • Foods
  • Preparation for food handler certification
  • Safety, sanitation & hygiene
  • Nutrition, MyPlate and portion control
  • Fashion design
  • Clothing care
  • Interior design
  • Housing
  • Human services
  • Finance technology

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