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Student Education

Student Education

Welcome to Ki Charter Academy at San Marcos

We are an open enrollment public charter school that serves San Marcos Treatment Center patients and San Marcos Independent School District Geographical boundary. Students are in grades one through twelve and typically have greater behavioral and academic needs. Ki Charter Academy helps students develop skills they need to succeed in their community schools once they leave the San Marcos Treatment Center. We are committed to reintroducing our students to their respective schools with improved behavior, reduced learning/opportunity gaps, and social­ emotional skills necessary to succeed.

Founded by four military veterans, students are at the forefront of everything we do. The rate of change in our global society is unprecedented, so students and teachers require the mindset, skill set, and tools set to thrive in it. Therefore, all educational staff, including educational aides, are required to be state certified in their fields. In addition, students practice the future-ready skills they’ll need no matter their vocational or academic paths after high school.

Math and science labs are supplemental to the required courses for students at Ki Charter Academy. Students receive direct instruction in math and science theory and then apply their learning objectives in the lab. They explore jobs in engineering, biology, mathematics, and information technology, helping students translate academic knowledge to real-world job competencies.

Reading labs are provided as a supplement for students who are struggling with grade level reading comprehension and fluency. Students have access to innovative and personalized software to meet their particular remediation needs.

We recognize the unique interests and strengths of students who demonstrate outstanding academic aptitude and motivation, creative and critical thinking, and leadership. When appropriate, we recommend testing for gifted education. We also participate in the Virtual School Network (https://www.txvsn.org/) which provides Ki Charter Academy students with instruction and potential credit in certain courses for which we do not have a certified teacher.

Student success begins with ongoing collaboration with our treatment team partners at the San Marcos Treatment Center. Educational notes reflecting the students’ progress in their classes, instructional arrangements and goals at Ki Charter Academy are created by teachers weekly. Teachers then take part in weekly meetings with the treatment teams centered around the progress students are making toward their academic, behavioral, and treatment goals. This allows for a collaborative and pragmatic approach to meet the needs of the whole child.

Communication of student progress is also shared with parents or guardians. Parents or guardians are provided academic progress report every three weeks by mail. In addition, report cards are sent home every six weeks. Upon enrollment all parents or guardians are provided access to our parent portal to view weekly progress of their students’ academics.

Ki Charter Academy establishes baseline data in all assessment areas. Students are assessed upon enrollment, each successive six-week period, and upon notification of withdrawal. The following are the initial goals for student achievement and improvement.

In order to improve post-secondary readiness for all students in accordance with the annual comprehensive needs assessment, instruction is career-oriented and/or project-based as described in the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Curriculum.

  • Students taking CTE complete food handler’s certification (grade level specific).
  • Students earn nationally recognized EmployABILITY certifications through MicroBurst social and emotional learning

Teachers identify student needs through Response to Intervention (RTI) and other measures to best align programming and instruction for each student.

  • Students will improve their Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) from 6 weeks to 6
  • Secondary students will improve their Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) testing from season to
  • Students will assess their initial skill levels by taking the PITSCO module guide and increase on the post-test.
  • Provide varied supplemental math and reading interventions for students at-risk of not meeting state achievement goals and purchase supplemental instructional materials for at­ risk students focused in math and literacy.

Ki Charter Academy uses several formative and summative assessment tools to measure student growth.

  • Benchmark data will increase from first to second semester
  • 6 weeks exam results will improve over the course of each
  • State testing results will increase from student to same student in each core subject tested yearly.
  • Campus average state testing scores will improve from previous state

Ki Charter Academy incorporates innovative best instructional practices that meet the needs of all learners while decreasing off task behaviors.

  • Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) committee will meet 5 times a year to establish, foster, and maintain positive behavior supports for Ki
  • PBIS program will improve on-task behaviors and reduce incident
  • GT committee will meet twice per semester to consider students nominated for

In addition, Ki Charter Academy faculty train and participate in the San Marcos Treatment Center facility behavior programs to provide consistency of behavior interventions and to meet the needs of each student’s treatment program. Students’ academic successes are recognized and celebrated publicly at schoolwide assemblies each six weeks. Exceptional student artifacts are also displayed around classrooms and the campus, and student artwork is commended during an annual art show for school and facility staff to praise student efforts.

Ki Charter Academy is a community stakeholder that involves both students and teachers in community initiatives. Students employ their food handler’s certifications to work in the campus deli making meals that are served at our local community center, helping combat hunger locally. Faculty members sponsor and participate in the annual School Fuel 5K, supporting the fight against hunger for local underprivileged families. Ki Charter Academy also sponsors the annual Honor Flight, which recognizes armed services veterans’ commitment to our country.

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Rebecca Stevenson - PrincipalRebecca Stevenson - Principal
Dr. Jerry Lager - Superintendent

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