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San Marcos Treatment Center, the original Brown School, was founded in 1940 by Bert and Lorine Brown.

Mr. and Mrs. Bert P. Brown moved to Austin in 1933 during the depression. They arrived on the train with two little boys, two ragged suitcases, and sixty cents. They established one of the first rest homes in Austin. This was a home for impaired patients. From there, they progressed until, in 1940, they had an opportunity to lease a building which was known as the Spring Lake Resort. They continued to lease this building while expanding to two units on the hillside of the current property.

As the number of children grew, The Brown Hall Unit opened at the base of the hillside in 1953. In 1960, the Hillview Unit, named because of its location at the top of a hillside was constructed with the donations from parents of the children who were the first residents. All of the units merged in 1974 to become San Marcos Treatment Center.